Greening Resources

City Government

  • Adopt-A-Lot Program: For information about getting permission to create gardens on city-owned property, contact the Baltimore City Dept. of Housing at 443-984-3961 or .
  • Alley Gating and Greening: Baltimore City has provided the legal tools for neighbors to come together and where possible to gate and create quiet green space in their shared alleyways.  To apply, call 410-396-GATE or 410-396-4283.  You may also contact Community Greens (see below) for help in navigating the process.
  • Baltimore City information: Baltimore City’s operators will connect you to the right city department.  Call 410-396-3100.
  • Contact the  Neighborhood Liaison at Baltimore City Council:


  • The Community Greening Resource Network (CGRN), a program of Parks & People and the University of Maryland Extension, provides community green spaces in Baltimore City with seeds, plants, tools, networking opportunities, and educational workshops. Contact the CGRN Coordinator at 410-448-5663 or Visit for more information.
  • Compost: Compost can be purchased from Meyers Seed (410-342-4224), Hollins Organic (410-828-0320,, and East Coast Organics (410-889-8784,
  • Plants and Trees: The MD Department of Natural Resources has trees to donate, though you have to pay shipping. Call Terry Galloway at 410-260-8510.  Trees in parks, on the sidewalks and in the medians are all cared for by the Baltimore City Department of Recreation & Parks’ Forestry Division, 410-396-6109.  To report a problem with a tree, call 311.
  • At Second Chance (1645 Warner St, 21230) you may be able to find fencing, heavy duty outdoor planters, and outdoor art like sculptures and birdbaths.  They also often have bricks, pavers, and lumber. 410-385-1101,
  • Sod: Sod can be purchased from Central Sod Farms of MD (800-866-1387,, Collins Wharf Sod Farm (410-334-6676,, and Kimberthy Turf (800-232-8292,
  • Soil: Soil can be purchased from Meyers Seed Company of Baltimore (410-342-4224, 600 S Caroline St), Green Fields Nursery Landscaping (410-323-3444,, and Hollins Organic (410-828-0210,
  • The Loading Dock (2 North Kresson Street, 21224) sells salvaged surplus building materials that are otherwise headed for landfills. You may be able to find lumber or fencing materials. 410-558-3625,
  • Tools:  Baltimore Community Toolbank rents out items such as shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, drills, saws, etc., to local non-profits, churches, and schools.  Contact them at 410-244-5565 or


  • Fundraise: sell hot dogs, hold a flea market.  Try local businesses – it’s their neighborhood, too!  Your community organization may have additional fundraising ideas.
  • Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts coordinates a grants program for community events. 410-752-8632,
  • Baltimore Community Foundation provides grants of up to $10,000. 410-332-4171,,
  • Chesapeake Bay Trust funds grants of up to $5,000 for projects that focus on native plants and water quality improvements. 410-974-2941, Or search for “Chesapeake Bay Trust Mini Grants” on the internet.
  • Parks & People Foundation has twice-yearly grants of up to $1,000 and $5,000.  For more information, contact the Community Greening Manager, at 410-448-5663. More information is also available at


  • Baltimore Green Space is a land trust for community gardens and other community-managed open spaces throughout the City. If you want your green space to stay green forever, contact Baltimore Green Space at 443-695-7504 or For more information, visit
  • Civic Works’ Community Lot Team of AmeriCorps young adults works with community groups in the planning and installation of ornamental and other gardens. Call 410-366-8533 to see if your group and site qualify. Visit
  • Community Greens advocates for alley gating and greening. For more info on how to develop block projects: 410-925-0166,
  • Community Law Center provides legal counsel to community organizations. Call 410-366-0922, or visit for more information
  • Citizens Planning and Housing Association can provide one-on-one assistance with many community problems. If you want to change something in your neighborhood but you just don’t know how: 410-539-1369 x102,
  • Fruit Tree Planting Foundation provides support, resources, and guidance for those interested in planting fruit trees and spearheads a variety of planting programs. Visit or 831-621-8096 for more information.
  • Irvine Nature Center is a non-profit environmental education organization that works with city schools to install native plantings and gardens., 443-738-9222.
  • MISS Utility marks underground utilities call before you dig so you don’t damage gas and other utility lines. In Baltimore there can be a charge. 1-800-257-7777.
  • Neighborhood Design Center provides landscape and architectural planning., 410-233-9686.
  • The Parks & People Foundation provides technical assistance for community greening projects from gardens to street trees, publishes the Guide to Greening Neighborhoods, and the twice-yearly Neighborhood Greening and Partnerships for Parks Grants Programs have benefited hundreds of greening projects throughout Baltimore. 410-448-5663,
  • University of Maryland Extension Service and the Baltimore City Master Gardeners can provide technical assistance for community gardens and beautification projects. They can also help with plant selection, and often with volunteers. The Home and Garden Info Center:, 1-800-342-2507. Baltimore City Master Gardeners: 410-856-1857 x121.
  • Blue Water Baltimore is a watershed association that involves citizens in outdoor projects and educational activities, like planting trees and building rainbarrels. Visit for more information.

This resource page has been adapted from the “Resources for Community Greeners” provided by the Community Greening Resource Network (CGRN)– an annual membership program assisting individuals, community gardens and green spaces throughout the City of Baltimore. For more information about CGRN, contact the CGRN Coordinator at 410-448-5663 or