Squares & Parks

The historic neighborhoods of West Baltimore include five historic squares and a handful of smaller parks.

Historic Squares

Franklin Square

At the corner of West Fayette and North Carey Street, Franklin Square is one of the oldest neighborhoods in West Baltimore. The park is bordered on the west by Franklin Square Elementary School and the Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy.

Harlem Park

On Edmondson Avenue, Harlem Park is a quiet green space often used by students from the several schools nearby. Neighbors around Harlem Park include Unity United Methodist Church, Umoja Head Start Academy, Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts, and Harlem Park Elementary School.

Lafayette Square

Between Lafayette and Lanvale Streets, Lafayette Square has a storied reputation for its handsome large rowhouses and numerous churches. Neighbors around Lafayette Square include the St. James Terrace and N.M. Carroll Manor senior apartment buildings.

Perkins Square

In the new development of Heritage Crossing, Perkins Square is a graceful reminder of West Baltimore’s rich past. Perkins Square is home to a colorful cast iron gazebo built to shelter a spring originally located in the park.

Union Square

Union Square at Stricker and Lombard Streets has the charming historic feature of the Union Square pavilion and is located within the local Union Square Historic District. Buildings facing the park include the H.L. Mencken House and the Steuart Hill Academy.

Small Parks

There are nearly a dozen small parks and green spaces across the neighborhoods of West Baltimore.