Small Parks

The Friends of West Baltimore Square is interested in identifying small green spaces and parks, including Inner Block Parks, improved vacant lots and others. We’d also like to connect with anyone who currently maintains a park or is interested in volunteering to maintain a small park. Please send any suggestions to Eli Pousson at If you’re interested in West Baltimore’s small parks, sign up for our e-mail list and check the “Inner Block Parks” or “Vacant lots” box to learn more.

B&O Museum Park

A small park located at Pratt Street and South Poppleton Street across from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum.

Bruce Street Orchard

An urban orchard and green space located adjacent to the 207 N. Bruce Street Arabbers Stable.

Bruce Street Park

A small park featuring picnic tables and a gazebo at 1351 N. Bruce Street.

Community Gardens

Managed by neighborhood groups, these green spaces may be used for recreation, relaxation, or food production.

Inner Block Parks

There are over twenty Inner Block Parks located in the neighborhoods of Harlem Park and Midtown Edmondson.

Little Lithuania Park

A small park located on Hollins Street at Parkin Street immediately south of the UM BioPark.

Sarah Ann Park

A small park located at North Carlton Street and Sarah Ann Street.

Schroeder and Lombard Park

A community park located at the southwest corner of Schroeder and Lombard Streets.

Vincent Street Park

A small park located on Vincent Street between West Lexington and West Fayette Streets.