Video: Parks as preservation in West Baltimore from the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Two colleagues from the National Trust for Historic Preservation–which helps support the Friends of West Baltimore Squares through their funding for Baltimore Heritage–came up to Baltimore back in early June for our West Baltimore Walks on the opening day of the West Baltimore Farmer’s Market. After our tour of Harlem Park and Lafayette Square with the Parks & People Foundation, we sat down for lunch at Hollins Market and discussed the relationship between West Baltimore’s parks and the future of historic preservation. Enjoy this quick four-minute video as an introduction to the Friends of West Baltimore Squares and our efforts for sustainable community development in West Baltimore.

The Friends of West Baltimore Squares is dedicated to supporting historic preservation, community development, and urban sustainability by connecting residents and partners around a shared commitment to sustainable, unique historic neighborhoods and revitalization through transit-oriented development. Let us know your thoughts on the past and future of West Baltimore in the comments.

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