Thanks to Bmore Dog for bringing Community Pitbull Day to West Baltimore!

Thanks to Bmore Dog for organized a successful Baltimore Community Pitbull Day at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School. Over just a few hours, the group of volunteers vaccinated 45 dogs, including 25 pit bulls! Special thanks to veterinarian Dr. Johnny Slaughter who performed the vaccinations, while Vet Techs Erika, Carol and (Honorary Vet Tech) Steve wrangled the dogs and prepared the vaccines.

First-time Community Pit Bull Day volunteer, Donna, shared her experience helping to educate West Baltimore’s dog owners–

“One thing I did learn from volunteering at this event is not to judge a book by its cover. After talking with many of the owners I realized that a lot of the problem is just plain [not knowing]. What I have perceived as “no common sense” or “not caring” is actually a lack of education.

Most were open to advice/suggestions without becoming defensive. All seemed so grateful that we were even there. It was just as much a learning experience for me as it was for them. I left there feeling somewhat ashamed of myself for being so judgmental in the past.”

Thanks again to B-more Dog, Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School and everyone who help to make this event happen!

All funding for B-more Dog comes from private fundraising efforts. Donations are welcome and tax deductible! Send checks payable to B-More Dog, P.O. Box 8858, Baltimore, MD 21224 or donate via PayPal to

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