Requirements to Join a Central Maryland Residents Organization

Are you looking to join a Central Maryland residents organization? If so, you should know that there are several organizations in the area that are dedicated to helping local residents. The Strategic Program for the Prevention of Specific Evictions (STEP) is one such program that is being implemented in Central Maryland. This program was initially tested in Baltimore County and is now being replicated throughout the region. It identifies zip codes as “hot spots” and facilitates massive payments to housing providers, which in turn benefits residents.

The Maryland Multi-Housing Association Extension Committee is committed to developing meaningful relationships with committee volunteers, member companies, and non-profit organizations to maximize efforts affecting the committee's projects within the local community. The Maryland Multiple Housing Association (MMHA) has partnered with the United Way of Central Maryland to implement STEP. They partner with several non-profit organizations in Central Maryland to combat homelessness and improve the communities where MMHA members work and live. United Way of Central Maryland and the MMHA work together to identify housing providers in zip codes and establish connections that facilitate payment.

If you are interested in joining a Central Maryland residents organization, there are several options available. You can contact the United Way of Central Maryland or the MMHA for more information on how to get involved. Additionally, you can reach out to local non-profit organizations that are working with STEP to learn more about their programs and how you can help. No matter which organization you choose, you can be sure that your efforts will make a difference in your community.

By joining a Central Maryland residents organization, you can help combat homelessness and improve the lives of those living in your area.

Kristi Ocarroll
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