The Mission of United Way of Central Maryland

United Way of Central Maryland is a non-profit organization that has been working to improve the lives of residents in the Baltimore metropolitan area and surrounding counties for over a century. Their mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering by promoting equity and increasing access to education, health, employment, and housing. Through their various programs, they strive to help people acquire the skills they need to achieve stable employment and self-sufficiency. The Central Maryland Chapter of United Way is part of the larger United States Red Cross organization.

Founded in 1905, the chapter has been providing emergency disaster relief, services to members of the Armed Forces, blood services, and health and safety programs for all ages. In 1999, the chapter was one of the first agencies to meet the standards of excellence of the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations. The Central Maryland Area Health Education Center (CMAHEC) is another organization that works in partnership with United Way of Central Maryland. CMAHEC is a 501 (c), 3 organization that strives to increase health equity by educating and strengthening health workers.

It is one of three community health education centers in the Maryland area (AHEC) and one of more than 250 AHEC in the United States. United Way of Central Maryland also works with Junior Achievement of Central Maryland to provide workforce development programs. As Maryland's most centrally located county and home to the state capital of Annapolis, Anne Arundel County is, in many ways, the heart of Maryland. Through these programs, United Way of Central Maryland helps people acquire the skills they need to achieve stable employment.

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